Photos from the tattoo removal process with Pico Laser

The majority of our clients, more than 80% of them, visit us not because they want to completely remove a tattoo they have on them but because they want to fade an old one in order to make space for a new, more modern and impressive one.
The majority of our clients need two to five sessions in order to reach the desirable result and in this section you can check a very detailed photo gallery from the tattoo removal process. Our number one priority is to be clear and adaptable in our tattoo removal process, so we have posted for you many different tattoo styles so for you to see how the tattoo removal process is moving on from the beginning to the end. In this way, the client has a very clear image about the desirable result they want.
This section of the site is constantly updated with new photo material from laser tattoo removal and we share several of them with you and through our social media profiles.