FAQ’s about laser tattoo removal

How do you achieve such good results in tattoo removal?

Our secret all these years in the field of tattoo removal is based on the combination of medical science knowledge and on the interaction with the best tattoo artists in Greece and abroad. Our experience with so many tattoos has brought us to where we are now and we thank you all for that.

What do I need to do before each tattoo removal session?

Removing a tattoo is a relatively simple process for the client. It is important to know that one hour before each session it would be good to prepare your tattoo area by applying EMLA cream (which you can get from any pharmacy) to make your session more comfortable and less painful. Spread a fairly large amount of cream on the area of the tattoo you want to remove (about a small tube every four inches of the tattoo) and then wrap the area with cling film without allowing air to pass through.

How many sessions do you need in order to remove my tattoo?

This is a question that concerns many people who are in the process of getting a tattoo removed. Several factors play a role and this is the honest answer. Many of them are what ink has been used by the person that tattooed you, how deep it has been put in your skin, and the quality of your skin. Based on our experience, we have a better picture to answer you accurately after the first laser session. Our machines are the most modern on the market. Our goal is to make the fewest sessions with the best possible result for you.

What is the cost of a tattoo removal?

The cost of removing a tattoo is usually priced per session. Its size and complexity play a role. Prices start from 40 euros in our office. Our goal is to achieve the best possible result with as few sessions as possible.

How often can I have a laser session? if I do it more often will my tattoo go away faster?

Tattoo removal sessions can be done at least every 35 days for your own safety and proper skin healing. Seeking more sessions in less than 35 days makes absolutely no difference. Proper removal of a tattoo takes time for your skin to become smooth and look like it was never tattooed.

Can I have my tattoo removed during the summer?

The opponent in fading a tattoo is the sun. But tattoo removal is what we want most! The summer months are not a problem in doing sessions. All you need to pay attention to is the first 4-5 days that your tattoo needs to heal. After healing, expose your tattoo to the sun without fear and you will often see it fade faster than a session you have done in the winter months.

Does it matter what laser machine the one doing the removal has/uses?

The "good" tattoo removal machines are the barkers of most doctors and individuals who work in this field and invest thousands of euros for their advertising. Tattoo removal for us is something that requires quite a lot of experience. The constant friction with the best Greek tattoo artists, our specialized dermatologists and our honesty, have reached us where we are. This is what makes us the best in Greece in the field of tattoo removal. So machines are something that plays a big role but it is not everything. Ask an acquaintance of yours who did not deduct from us and you will find that, most of the time, people promise you something that simply can’t be done.

Does the "operator" of the laser machine play a significant role in tattoo removal or does it depend only on the machine?

Tattoo Removal is something that has become known in Greece in the last couple of years. Tattoo removal machines became world famous in the 1990s. Many companies and private doctors waste thousands of euros, sometimes millions, on promoting their machines rather than taking the time to learn how to improve their handling. For Tattoo Removal Greece, of course, priority is given to the fast desired result financially with the fewest sessions and of course, without scars and marks. What makes us better is the daily friction with the removal but also with the tattoo area. The whole Greek tattoo artists community trusts us and recommends us to its clients.

Is laser harmful to my health?

Laser tattoo removal is completely safe when applied or supervised by a specialist or dermatologist. The laser is essentially an enhanced monochrome light that causes selective photothermolysis at the point where the tattoo ink is present and breaks it down with the special technology of the rays. It does not pose a risk to the body as it does not affect the skin or internal organs.

What should I look out for after a tattoo removal session?

Tattoo removal, strange as it may sound, is a simple process. After each session it would be good to carefully follow the instructions we provide so that everything goes as well as possible.

-For the first 24 hours, from the moment the session is done, avoid pouring water on the area of the tattoo that was removed.

-For the first four days you put Fucidin cream (which you can get from any pharmacy) twice a day, morning and evening.

-For the next few days and until the tattoo heals, apply Bepanthol pink cream.

(For the last sessions put Jalplast or Kelosoft cream ONLY if we tell you).

Is there a difference in the removal of a tattoo in terms of the evolution of the machines?

Certainly as the years go by there is more and more development in the field of abstraction. At the moment, there are very few good machines on the market and ours is one of them. In particular, it is considered the best in the world. Pico technology has more pulses per second and tattoo healing is much smoother compared to older Q-Switched removal machines.

How much does tattoo removal hurt?

Pain for many people is subjective. The answer to this question would not be right to be given by us but by our customers. But the truth is that it is not as horrible as some say. Most of our clients describe it as the pain of hitting you by stretching a rubber band. Before the sessions, following the instructions we give you and putting the special cream for pain, makes our sessions almost painless. So just trust us!

Is it true that tattoo removal hurts more than having a tattoo?

The pain of tattoo removal is very relevant because the sessions last much less compared to a tattoo (45 minutes). For a very large tattoo it may take 6-7 hours to complete. Putting the special cream that we recommend before each of your sessions, makes the removal process almost painless. For example, in a tattoo that took 8-10 hours to be completed, in a removal session the time it may take to be removed is about 15 to 25 minutes.

How long does a tattoo removal session last?

A removal session can last from a minute to a maximum of 45 minutes. The time is determined by the complexity and size of a tattoo. For example, a tattoo that took 45 minutes to create may take five to ten minutes to remove.

Does tattoo removal leave marks and scars on the body?

The correct answer regarding our space / doctor's office (Tattoo Removal Greece) is NO! Our collaborators were among the first in Greece to give huge attention to scars and marks. A large percentage of beauty salons and doctors pay more attention on how to remove the tattoo than whether it will leave the skin intact. This is a big mistake. We are the only ones in Greece who give you a guarantee on this issue. This is another way to show daily confidence and professionalism in the quality of our work.

Can I remove (or discolor) a tattoo to prepare my skin for a cover up or another tattoo?

The truth is that the majority of our customers are tattoo lovers. In recent years the tattoo has been saturated. Many people have problems from tattoos made at home or in other places by non-professional or atalant tattoo artists and that is why they choose to remove or discolor it. Having spent a certain number of days since the day you did the session with us, and after consultation with your tattoo artist it is possible to get a tattoo in the area where you did the removal session. Removal is the best choice you can make without covering a tattoo with blackness or a rough design.